AC3 LOW FLOOR Bus In Jaipur: Route and Time Table 2024

ac3 low floor bus route in jaipur time table

What do you want to specific query “Jaipur AC3 Low Floor Bus Route and Time Table?” We wrote this article in 2024, and all information has been updated about the AC3 Low Floor Bus Route in the Jaipur Time Table. In the urban and Suburban areas of Jaipur City, JCTSL operates two types of buses: low-floor (Red, Green) and mini Buses.

JCTSL: Jaipur City Transport Services Limited

AC3 Low Floor Bus Route In Jaipur

One of the buses of the JCTSL, the AC3 Low Floor bus, runs all over Jaipur from Todi to the NRI. AC3 bus starts from Todi and the last bus stop or ending point is at NRI. Jaipur is historically named the Pink City capital of Rajasthan and it is a famous and clean city all over Rajasthan. JCTSL started their Low Floor bus services in Jaipur in 2007 with 100 buses; currently, Jaipur Transport Services Limited the increasing quantity of Low Floor buses and mini Buses according to passengers’ needs, now 200+ buses run of JCTSL in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

AC3 Low Floor Bus Route
Nindar Mode
Chomu Puliya
Railway Station
Polo Victory
Ajmeri Gate
Maharani Collage
SMS Hospital
Narayan Singh Circle
Gandhi Nagar
Sabji Mandi
Tonk Phatak
Heed ka Gatta
Sanganer Thana near Airport

JCTSL has started a new bus service named AC3 Bus, AC3 Low Floor bus gives comfort to travellers or Passengers in Summer Time. The AC3 Low Floor bus boarding point is at Todi and the ending Point is at NRI. the AC3 bus goes to Nri From Todi Via Harmada, Nindad Mode, Jodala, Chomu Pulia, Railway Station, Polo Victory, Ajmeri Gate, Maharani Collage, SMS Hospital, Narayan Singh Circle, Gandhi Nagar, Sabji Mandi, Tonk Phatak, Heed ka Gatta, Gopalpura, Sanganer Thana (airport) and Pratap Nagar.

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AC3 Low Floor bus covers 43 kilometres to reach NRI from Todi In Jaipur. What is the Ticket price for low floor AC3 bus from……………………? Please contact the JCTSL office to call for Ticket or Fare.

AC3 Low Floor Bus Route In Jaipur Time Table

If you want to get the AC3 Low Floor bus route in Jaipur Time Table, we want to tell you that it is not possible to provide the exact timetable of AC3 on the Route stop point because due to heavy traffic, the AC3 Low floor bus may be delayed, so we are unable to provide the AC3 bus time table, but the AC3 bus takes 1 hour to reach the destination from Todi and Return on the same route on the opposite site NRI to Todi. AC3 Low floor Jaipur bus comes on every two hours.

For more information about the AC3 bus and other Low Floor Buses, contact Inquiry Number: 7726010943/7726010939


What is the AC3 Low Floor bus Route In Jaipur Time Table

The AC3 Low Floor Bus operated by JCTSL runs on the Route from Todi to NRI Circle Via Harmara, Nindar Mode, Chomu Puliya, Railway Station, Ajmeri Gate, Maharani Collage, SMS Hospital, Narayan Singh Circle, Gandhi Nagar, Tonk Phatak, Gopalpura, Sanganer Thana, and Pratap Nagar. AC3 bus departs from Todi Depot at 05:00 in the morning time and stops bus service at 08:00 in the evening suburban areas. The AC3 bus arrives at every bus stop every 2 hours, there may be some delay due to traffic and the bus returns the same route from NRI to Todi.

When was Started AC3 Low Floor Bus Service In Jaipur?

The AC3 Low Floor bus in Jaipur by JCTSL came at the end of 2021 and it runs from Todi to NRI Circle near the airport Sanganer, Jaipur.

What is the Distance from Todi to NRI Circle by Road?

The AC3 bus operated by JCTSL runs on this route and covers 34 kilometres from Thodi Depot to NRI Circle via Ajmeri Gate, Gopalpura, Durgapura, Sanganer Thana (Near Sanganer Airport) and Pratapnagar by Road.

What is the Facility in Jaipur AC3 Low Floor Bus?

AC3 Low Floor bus gives a luxury feel and comfort. It is an Air Conditioner bus service provided by Jaipur City Transport Limited and Due to the engine being at the rear of the bus, the bus seems noise-free, hence every person wants to take the AC3 bus.

Can I book a Ticket online to Travel In AC3 Bus?

No, If you want to travel in an AC3 Low Floor bus any kind of online bus ticket booking service not available till now may be available in future.

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