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kota to rawatbhata bus timetable

What are you planning to travel from Kota to Rawatbhata by bus?” If you search the Kota to Rawatbhata bus timetable, Fare (Ticket Price), Distance, and other related information, Stay here.

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The Kota is the third largest city in Rajasthan, after Jaipur and Jodhpur. Why do you want to go to Rawatbhata? The Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is the largest Dam in Rajasthan which is in Rawatbhata, near the Chambal River. Chittorgarh is a district of Rawatbhata. In Kota City, the Indian railway runs and travels to different cities and states.

Kota To Rawatbhata Bus Timetable | Kota To Rawatbhata Roadways Bus Time Table

All RSRTC Buses operate from the Nayapura bus stand, Kota, to the destination. The distance is approximately 5.2 KM from the Kota bus stand and Railway Station. If your query for Kota to Rawatbhata Bus RSRTC then All to go to Rawatbhata bus timetable from Kota Nayapura bus stand are given below.

Dep. TimeRoute ViaBus TypePickup PointDrop Point
02:40 PMBeawar To Rawatbhata Via MasudaExpress, RSRTCNayapura Bus Stand, KotaNew Bus Stand, Near Nagar Palika, Rawatbhata
05:15 PMBeawar To Rawatbhata Via NasirabadExpress, RSRTCNayapura Bus Stand, KotaNew Bus Stand, Near Nagar Palika, Rawatbhata
06:15 PMAlwar To Rawatbhata Via DausaExpress, RSRTCNayapura Bus Stand, KotaNew Bus Stand, Near Nagar Palika, Rawatbhata
06:55 PMDeedwana To Rawatbhata Via AjmerExpress, RSRTCNayapura Bus Stand, KotaNew Bus Stand, Near Nagar Palika, Rawatbhata

Beawar To Rawatbhata Via Masuda RSRTC Bus

Stop NameDistance KMDeparture Time
Beawar0.0 KM 08:50 AM
Andheri8.0 KM09:00 AM
Khimpura15.0 KM09:10 AM
Masuda22.0 KM09:35 AM
Begliyawas30.0 KM09:45 AM
Jhipiya32.0 KM09:50 AM
Badanvada42.0 KM10:05 AM
Bhinay53.0 KM10:25 AM
Sol61.0 KM10:35 AM
Nagola66.0 KM10:45 AM
Badikani74.0 KM10:55 AM
Chhotikana77.0 KM11:00 AM
Jaliya82.0 KM11:06 AM
Kekri95.0 KM12:15 PM
Gulgaw113.0 KM12:35 PM
Sawar122.0 KM12:50 PM
Deoli144.0 KM01:25 PM
Pech KI Bavri161.0 KM01:40 PM
Hindoli170.0 KM01:50 PM
Sattur183.0 KM02:05 PM
Bundi194.0 KM02:15 PM
Talera213.0 KM02:40 PM
Kota234.0 KM03:30 PM
Shivpura241.0 KM04:25 PM
Nayagaon246.0 KM04:35 PM
Rathkankra256.0 KM04:50 PM
Borawas261.0 KM05:00 PM
Kolipura271.0 KM05:10 PM
Jaora279.0 KM05:20 PM
Rawatbhata284.0 KM05:30 PM (arrival time)
  • Ticket Price from Kota to Rawatbhata Adult/Child: 45/26 INR

Beawar To Rawatbhata Via Nasirabad RSRTC Bus

Stop NameDistance KMDeparture Time
Beawar0.0 KM 11:15 AM
Nasirabad94.0 KM12:30 PM
Sarwar95.0 KM01:10 PM
Kekri112.0 KM01:30 PM
Sawar139.0 KM02:00 PM
Deoli161.0 KM02:25 PM
Bundi211.0 KM04:15 PM
Kota251.0 KM05:15 PM
Rawatbhata301.0 KM07:30 PM (Arrival)

Alwar To Rawatbhata Via Dausa, RSRTC Bus

Stop NameDistance KMDeparture Time
Alwar0.0 KM 08:20 AM
Malakheda21.0 KM09:20 AM
Ghigawada31.0 KM09:30 AM
Rajgarh41.0 KM09:50 AM
Baswa52.0 KM10:10 AM
Sikandra Mode79.0 KM10:40 AM
Dausa104.0 KM11:10 AM
Lalsot143.0 KM12:20 PM
Swaimadhopur209.0 KM02:10 PM
Indargarh256.0 KM03:10 PM
Lakheri266.0 KM02:40 PM
Kota340.0 KM06:16 PM
Rawatbhata390.0 KM07:45 PM (Arrival Time)

Kota To Rawatbhata, Chittorgarh Distance

The distance is 51.2 kilometres from the Kota and Rawatbhata via Rajasthan State Highway 33 (RJ SH33) in Rajasthan. All RSRTC and other private buses go to Rawatbhata, Chittorgarh from Kota via Nayapura, Dadabari, Shyamnagar, Kautilya School Kota, Modi Institute of Technology Kota, Rath Kankra, Borabas, Kotbaori, and Kacholiya.


In this study, To go to Rawatbhata in Chittorgarh district from the Kota, all RSRTC buses timetable, bus fare, distance and other related information is given. For more other inquiry please leave comment , we will give response soon.

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